Class A Chimney System

Class A Chimney Pipe:

High-temperature, generally pack-insulated, multi-layered pipe, which has been tested to 2100 degrees F.   Used to vent solid fuel-burning appliances like stoves, furnaces, and EPA Phase II certified fireplaces.

Storm Collar:

Metal band around the pipe, above the flashing that prevents water from entering between the pipe and flashing.

Roof Flashing:

Sheet metal component with a flat base that seals the penetration in the roof where the pipe passes through.

Attic Insulation Shield / Roof Radiation Shield:

Chimney component that prevents insulation from being blown against the pipe and assures the pipe’s heat clearance requirements.

Ceiling Support / Chimney Support:

Generally the first piece of chimney that is fastened to the framing of the house and supports the entire weight of the chimney system.  The bottom side often has a decorative collar and is exposed in the home’s interior.

Chimney Connector / Stove Pipe:

Single or double wall pipe that connects a solid fuel appliance to its chimney system.


Class A Chimney System

Components of a Class A Chimney System