> Contact form coming soon – Need to know which fields you want, eg just name & number & email & message or is there anything else?

> Also needed: Which FB page that can cover all four locations? Which Yelp page? What email should everything be set for, eg custom with redirect (like ->

> Ad copy for the “for hire”… want just an image or details added? EG: 

> On Fireplaces page, are there are any particular items you want added or is it more about the vendors you work with (eg, Regency, Napoleon, Vermont, Copperfield, Wittus, Valor, etc)? The “fireplaces” tab on your old site was broken, so there was nothing to use for inspiration.

> Where should I put the “before and after” pictures? Do you have enough before and after / after pics to make a “Our work” page?

> Check that bottom footer below… are the phone numbers accurate? Are the logos for professional affiliations / certifications accurate and are any missing that need added?

> Off front page / landing page, FAQ section: thoughts on space vs no space (there is space on the section above, “services”)?

> Off front page / landing page, FAQ section: Blockquotes or bullets, which are more appealing to you? Thoughts on using inline pics?

> On services, using your old site for reference are there any services not covered between that home page & the services tab? It seems to cover everything in my notes from our meeting.

> The background / slider pics are easily changeable, if you have preferences on which pics are used. Do you have / can you get a better picture of the van on a work site, with a wider shot?